About Us

Company Overview

Connect-tek is a provider of business communications technology. Our services include the design, sale, installation, support and ongoing service of telecommunications systems, computer hardware and operating systems, local and wide area networking, and voice and data cabling systems.


Connect-tek was founded in 1995 as a designer and installer of voice and data, copper and fiber-optic cabling systems. In 1996, Connect-tek became affiliated with Teleco, the nations largest group of independently owned telecommunications companies. With that affiliation, we became a Toshiba authorized dealer and began to install and service their telecommunications equipment.


In order to service a broader spectrum of the market, and to offer a diversified choice of communications technologies, Connect-tek has also become authorized to sell and service telecommunications systems from Avaya Communications, and AltiGen Communications.


To complete our business communications offering, Connect-tek became dealers for computer products from Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Cisco, Microsoft, AVG, Symantec and virtually all other commonly available hardware and software manufacturers.



Mission Statement

Connect-tek provides telecommunications, data, and structured cabling solutions that will deliver technical excellence and outstanding value to our customers. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important factor in completing any project. Through consultation with the customer, and considering current technical requirements, anticipation of future needs, operating environment, and budget parameters, we will provide the most appropriate products and services to assure total satisfaction.



Corporate Philosophy


Connect-tek is a small company, providing comprehensive communications services to a select clientele in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We work with our clients to establish their present needs and future requirements in order to recommend the most appropriate solution.


We are not limited to solutions from one manufacturer, or to one technology. We possess broad expertise with a variety of telecommunications systems, computer systems and the cabling infrastructure that connects them; therefore, Connect-tek is in a unique position to provide the solution that will best suit our clients need on a long-term basis.


Our solutions do not incorporate technology for technology’s sake. Nor do we use new technology simply because it is new. Our solutions are based on implementing, sound, proven, and locally serviceable technologies, leveraging existing hardware and software wherever possible.


In order to assure quality control and the ability to service and support our clients, all projects are performed using only our own employees. An appropriately certified technician leads each installation team. However, because we recognize that we will occasionally need specialized expertise, Connect-tek has established high-level relationships with the technical support groups of our manufacturers and distributors. This premium level of support assures prompt, accurate problem resolution.